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Anywhore this next year in an feeling very confident about it in the fact that I hope to get scouted for the art portal and that I can get my fuckibg scanner to work sooo wish me luck!!!!!!!

my sacanner is fucked

2011-12-21 16:56:12 by LORDlobster

i dont know y but my scannner is fucked up adn so is steam any1 know how to open an BLOB program??


2011-11-23 18:08:00 by LORDlobster

im workin rite now on pimp master p which was actually supposed to b an obama drive by....courtesy of my old frend thomas (he doesnt have an account here) and nex im gonna work on something that will make u cum....very hard MAKES MY DICK ROCK HARD!!!


2011-11-06 19:44:47 by LORDlobster

my drawings have been very... crappy considering the fact that i have been colouringmy pics by hand so i hope i can start making my pics awsomer!

i b happy

2011-10-27 21:56:13 by LORDlobster

i finally got my scanner to work!!!!!!!!! fucking excited my next drawing will b very.......disturbing...for my type of art cant wait for it to b complete!!!

Eddie Blades

2011-09-19 17:32:26 by LORDlobster

im workin with my pal dom ruite now on Eddie Blades! srry about the vag game not gonna happen as a game which sux! pc